Learn the alphabet through colorful pictures

Cool coloring letters of the alphabet make great mouse practice activities for toddlers, preschool, and elementary children. Just click on the picture, print it out and color away! These cool coloring printables also have a place for the children to trace the letter. We're always working to come up with even more great stuff for you to download and color.
Printable worksheets that teach children how to form the letters of the alphabet. Also includes a picture that they can color after practicing letter formation. If you like our learning letters worksheets be sure to check out Learning Numbers Worksheets 

A phonics tutorial with sound and cartoons all ages.
Teach, learn and practice the names of letters from Aa to Hh
Children can practice alphabet, number, and punctuation recognition by clicking and dragging magnets to the refrigerator. Children will hear the letter or number when they click on a magnet. Practice writing names, birthdays or short messages. 
Children learn alphabetical order in this fun educational computer activity . Put the alphabet in the correct ABC order by clicking and dragging the letters. A fun way for kids to learn the alphabet.  

Alphabet Coloring Pages.Have fun reviewing the letters or the alphabet with your kids by coloring them.
These coloring pages are a great way to passively teach your kids their letters. There are flashcards, letter cards, letter puzzles and worksheets in this page.

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